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Surgical Latex Hand Gloves Brand 50 Pairs

৳ 1,300.00 ৳ 599.00


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Product details of Hand Gloves

  • Thinner than normal gloves.
  • Superior sensitivity in the fingertips during micro and ophthalmic
  • Optimum strength to ensure basic barrier protection.
  • Provides superior “feel” and safety.
  • Unique brown color which minimizes eye-strain in the operation theater.
  • Length of Measurement : Finger (at 15 mm from extreme tip)
  • Palm (at center of palm)
  • Cuff at 25mm from cuffend
  • Double Wall : Avg 0.40, Avg 0.36, Avg 0.32
  • Special Features : Powdered/powder free, Sterile
  • Packing : 5 Pair(5 left and 5 right) of gloves per inner wrap

1 right hand gloves and 1 left hand gloves pair

Thinner than normal gloves.

Made In Malaysia


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